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Extinction Research

                                                              New Zealand could be the OECD's first negative-emissions country



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Zero carbon bill totally inadequate

Posted by [email protected] on June 5, 2019 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (56)

The recently announced zero carbon bill proposes reduction in methane of 10% by 2030 and between 24-47% by 2050. Apart from the wriggle room in the huge range at 2050 there are two huge holes in it 1. It states its purpose as making a contibution to the world effort to keep warming to 1.5 degrees. Now any reduction at all can be called a contribution. The missing word is "fair" and the bill is not fair, because NZ emits 7 times the world average of methane per person. We have by far thelargest per person methane emissions of any country in the world. So  we need to peg that back by reducing hugely faster than the world as a whole. Its like a rich person and a poor p[erson both reducing their wealth by the same per centage. If a $20million person and a 100,000 person both give away 20% of their wealth the rich person still has 16 million but the poor person only has 80,000. Secondly, other gases (CO2, N2O and F gases) have to be at net zero by 2050, but they are allowed to offset emissions using the forest sink, which methane cant do because forests only sequester CO2. Currently these gases are at 46 Mtns and the sink is at 23, which is historically low. Now it has been at 33 Mtns in 1994 and if it rose to that again plus the billion extra trees planted, then there would be no need to cut emissions at all over the next  30 years!